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Art Of Football


Art of Football is a creative fashion, football and lifestyle brand based in Nottingham. Their event 'The Beautiful Game' was a pop-up, immersive experience celebrating football culture. For this project I needed to discover a way to brand the event, representing football but without appearing gimmicky - I found that a combination of collage, block shapes and grids worked best to achieve this. The line details and grids were chosen to replicate pitch lines, whilst I chose heavy film grain as a nod to the eras of football on TV, and of course the eras of FIFA. The use of green blocks represents the pitch whilst the repetition of these elements visualises the stability of football values and community over time. The minimal colour palette gives a clean, modern feel which embodies the style of the brand, whilst still capturing the attention of the target consumer. The result was a strong visual style for the event which incorporates the essence of 'The Beautiful Game' whilst remaining stylish and in tune with AOF.

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