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Sneinton Market Avenues

A very sneinton christmas

I was head of marketing and branding for the Christmas market ‘A Very Sneinton Christmas’.  My role included creating all design elements for the marketing campaign, including the entire brand identity, posters, banners, social media graphics and Facebook advertisements.​ Sneinton Market is a unique cultural hub of independent businesses that sometimes struggles to pull in large crowds. Therefore the concept behind 'A Very Sneinton Christmas' was to encompass the welcoming creative community and to differentiate it from mainstream Christmas markets. I achieved this by using a dark twilight green and pastel pink combo which is an unusual but stylish combination for a Christmas market. Alongside this I also hand illustrated many elements of the design identity in order to portray the crafting nature of the market. I also used soft repeating patterns and splashes to create an ethereal snow-like feel to the designs.

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